Minijem Plus



Mini Jem Chronology 1962-1975

Colin Wrigglesworth picks out the milestones of Mini Jem development.

Jem Sales Brochures and Leaflets

Just what it says, including the amazing Jem Futura.


A selection of Mini Jem advertisements.

Feature Articles

The Taylorspeed Jem

Tony Shaw tells the story of the Mini Jem in Australia.

Mini Jem Madness

Rick Feibusch tells the story of the Mini Jem and a stunning car in the USA.

Jem Restyling

Paul Mitchell describes the radical restyling of his Taylorspeed Jem.

Magazine Articles

A few Mini Jem magazine articles.

FIA Identification Form

Fiche d’identité pour voiture ancienne.

Picture Gallery

Some interesting photos of Jems and their predecessors.

Kingfisher Sprint

An interesting development of the Mini Jem.


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