Kingfisher Sprint

The Kingfisher Sprint


Kingfisher Models

What might have been - four Kingfisher variants, but apart from one convertible
still owned by Roger King, only the Sprint was produced in any numbers.

Kingfisher Sprint

Sprint Line drawing of the Kingfisher Sprint.

Picture Gallery

A few kingfisher and related photos.


A two page handout incorporating a full page magazine ad.

Gamblin’ Man

Feature article from Alternative Cars

Kingfisher Motors Price Lists

Information sheet from December 1981 and price lists which include engine
options, mechanical components and parts for the Mini Marcos Mk. IV.

Motor Show 1982

Brochure for the International Motor Show in 1982 which
includes detailed bodyshell specifications and dimensions.

Win a Kingfisher Sprint!

That was the offer in a 1983 travel brochure.

Letter from Vortex Cars Ltd.

Kingfisher Scrapbook

A collection of contemporary press cuttings.

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