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Parts of a sales leaflet for the Mk. 1 Mini Jem, kindly provided by Peter Hingston. Peter was given the leaflet in 1969 by a fellow engineering student who had a Mini Jem.
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Quoting from Peter Hingston's handwritten notes: "By the Summer of 1969, about 200 Jems had been made at the rate of 3 every fortnight. However they intended to increase the output.

"The pigmented shell, complete with crossflow radiator and all glass etc. (not fitted though) used to be sold for £219 and the buyer had merely to cut down the untrimmed edges with a fretsaw and file them to fit the glass/doors, etc. However now must buy the completely finished body for £350.

"Laminated windscreen is standard with 1/8" thick perspex side and rear windows.

"Most of assembly time spent wiring the car."

The race car is probably that of Jeremy Delmar-Morgan in the 1966 Nürburgring 500km race where he finished second in class. It is not clear whether the leaflet came from Fellpoint or Jem Developments, though by 1969 production had passed to Fellpoint Ltd. in Penn. The right hand photo is clearly a pasted cut-out of the photo used in the earlier brochure with some added pen lines drawn on to pick out the shape.

Brochures and Handouts

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