Minijem Plus

Sales Brochures and Handouts

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Jem Devs ad

Mini Jem Mk. 1 Brochure

A sales brochure for the Mk. 1 Jem by Jem Developments Ltd.


Mini Jem Mk. 1 Leaflet

Parts of a Mk. 1 sales leaflet.


Mini Jem Mk. 2 Brochure

Fellpoint Mk. 2 brochure from around 1969.

Mini Jem Mk.II

Mini Jem Mk. 2 Information Sheet

Sales handout from around 1969.

Mk.2 brochure

Mini Jem Mk. 2 Brochure

A 1971 sales brochure for the Fellpoint Mk. 2 Jem.

Jem Futura brochure

Jem Futura Brochure

A sales brochure for the short-lived Fellpoint Jem Futura.

Malcolm Fell letter

End of Production

A letter from Malcolm Fell to customers announcing the end of production in April 1975.

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