Minijem Plus


A few photos of Mini Jem gatherings and Dizzy Addicott's prototypes.
Minin Dart Early days: Dizzy Addicott's GRP Dart prototype undergoing testing at Wroughton airfield before the project was cancelled by Jem Marsh.
JD-M at Nurburgring Jeremy Delmar-Morgan in the 1966 Nürburgring 500 kms.
Racing Car Show 1972 Jem Cars stand at the 1972 Racing Car Show in London.
Robin Statham, Mini Jem Robin Statham with is racing Mini Jem in the 1960s.
Robin Statham / Jem Futura Robin Statham in the Jem Futura at Penn Garage, early 1970s.
Loseley Park A line-up of five Mini Jems at Loseley Park in 1997.
Boxing Day Brands Cover of the 1966 Boxing Day brands Hatch programme featuring two Mini Jems.

Video: Mini Jem History by Steve Hole, Total KitCar (YouTube)

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