Kingfisher Sprint

Kingfisher Scrapbook

A few newspaper cuttings from around the time of the opening of the factory in Rothbury, Northumberland.

Custom built car company to open in Rothbury

The Gazette, Thursday 31st December, 1981

New sports car is dream come true by Joseph Young

The Daily Telegraph, Thursday 31st December, 1981

How Roger's dream car hit the road by Alan Baxter

Daily Express, Wednesday 6th January, 1982

Close-up: Gambling on a dream . . by John Gilbert

Daily Mirror, Friday 8th January, 1982

Big hopes for a small car by Steve Huges

Evening Chronicle, Tuesday 5th January, 1982

Kingfisher Motors Swoops to Conquer

NEDC News, March 1982.

On the way to be King of the cars


New car firm is under way


Really Spoilt for Choice by Julia Fisher


Kingfisher Sprint

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