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2021-07-28Articles - Wheels June 1969 added.
 Mini Jem Chronology - Taylorspeed dates added.
 Advertisements - Taylorspeed Jem ad added.
2021-07-24Taylorspeed Jems - New account added.
2021-07-22Articles - Sports Car World February 1974 added.
2021-07-22Assembly Notes - new page
2021-03-25Various - bit of tidying up. Internal links checked.
2017-06-29Ads - Taylorspeed Jem, 1969 added.
2017-04-23Links - links checked, some updates.
2015-10-24Sales Brochures and Handouts - Mk.II handout added.
 Picture Gallery - Robin Statham with Jem Futura added.
2015-07-29Contact Us - updated.
 Chronology - revised.
2015-01-27Gallery - Racing Car Show 1972 added.
2014-05-24Links - updated.
2012-04-03Links - Car & Classic added, dead links removed.
2011-09-17Taylorspeed Jem - footnote added.
2011-06-05Ads - another ad added.
2010-06-07Home Page - new link.
2009-10-18Links - Graham Sykes Insurance added.
2009-07-16FIA Identification Form - new page.
2009-06-22Brochures and subpages - links corrected.
2009-04-22Brochures - 1969 Fellpoint brochure added.
2009-04-15Home Page - netcars link added.
2009-04-12Links - checked and updated, autopendium added.
2008-11-07Kingfisher Sprint Gamblin’ Man added.
2008-10-02Chronology - title corrected (to 1975).
2008-09-17All pages - background colour changed.
2008-09-16Chronology - end of production date added.
Sales Brochures and Leaflets - M. Fell letter added.
2007-10-07Home Page - webring stuff removed.
2007-10-06Articles - Sports Car World (AUS) June 1969 added.
2007-07-04Kingfisher Gallery - car added.
2007-05-14Gallery - Brands Hatch programme cover added.
2006-08-21Links - two Norwegian links added.
2006-05-09Kingfisher Gallery - car added.
2006-04-29Chronology - some refinements made.
2006-02-07Kingfisher Sprint - Win a Kingfisher Sprint! added.
Kingfisher Gallery - photo added.
2006-02-02Gallery - Nüurburgring photo added.
Chronology - footnotes updated.
2005-04-13Kingfisher Sprint - MJ+/KS logo on pages.
2005-04-12various - Minijem Plus header added.
2005-01-29Jem Gallery - new page.
2004-12-20Articles - two items added.
Sales Brochures and Leaflets - fragments of Mk. 2 brochure added.
2004-09-28Articles - Ian Hall Mini Jem added.
2004-09-14Kingfisher Sprint - update.
2004-07-30Jem Restyling - new feature article.
2004-07-28Links - Mini Jem Thumbnail Index added.
2004-04-27Contact Form - corrected.
2003-12-29Mini Jem Madness - photo links updated.
2003-10-15Articles - The Flying Custard Tart added.
2003-08-29Links two links added.
2003-08-04Sales Brochures and Leaflets - thumbnails added.
2003-07-30Home page - PlusNet banner added.
2003-07-28Kingfisher - dead link removed.
Sales Brochures and Leaflets - new page.
2003-07-27Ads - three 1968 ads added.
2003-07-26Ads - two new ads, articles removed.
Articles - new section, Hot Car build feature added.
2003-07-09Mini Alternatives and Mini Mega-list removed.
2003-06-26Blitz 2 - photo added.
Mega-list - Blitz 2 link added.
Nomad - new photo added.
2003-06-23Minimach GT - new scans.
2003-06-20Kingfisher Gallery - photos added.
2003-06-19Ogle - link added.
2003-06-18Mini Alternatives Section - added.
2003-05-16Mini Jem Mk. 1 - sales leaflet added.
2003-04-21Links - new Mini Jem link.
2003-03-21Kingfisher Scrapbook - two articles added.
2003-03-01Kingfisher Gallery - added.
2003-02-23Kingfisher Scrapbook - added.
2003-02-18Change Log - this page added.
2003-02-13Mini Jem Mk. 1 - brochure added.
2003-02-08Exciting 1969 Model - advert added.
2003-02-05Links - updated.
2003-02-04Contact Minijem Plus - page added.
2003-02-03Gazoline Decembre 1999 - article added.
Fabulous Mini G.T. - advert added.
2003-02-02Mini DART prototype - photographs added.
2003-01-29Mini Jem Chronology 1962-1974 - added.
Ads and Articles - Jem Talk added.
2003-01-28Ads and Articles - new page.
2003-01-24Kingfisher Sprint - new section.
2003-01-18Jem Futura - brochure added.
Mini Jem Mk. 2 - brochure added.
2003-01-01Minijem Madness - new article.
2003-01-01Site launched.
2002-12-29  Mini Ds & Vs - Taylorspeed Jem - new article.

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